Covid-19 UPDATE - We re-opened on Monday, May 11, 2020.


Thank you for your patience through this unfortunate and unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic related shut-down. Unlike other businesses which have already begun to reopen (or never closed in the first place), salons and other personal service facilities have been subjected to intense scrutiny regarding their likely ability to uphold and preserve the safety of the environment shared by both the customer and the service provider. The high standards of cleanliness which salons are supposed to maintain must be adjusted to even higher standards, necessitating the implementation of new service protocols.


Thus, moving forward there will be some changes necessary to promote a safer salon environment for one another. Some changes will be temporary, yet others may prove more long-term or potentially permanent. These positive changes are important. Please try to welcome them with open arms and minds for our collective benefit.


Physical change list:

  • The salon space has been rearranged to achieve maximum possible "social/physical distancing" between stylists.

  • Dryer chairs have been physically distanced from one another.

  • Front waiting seating has been eliminated.

  • Center table seating has been limited.

  • Magazines have been eliminated to prevent cross contamination.

  • Our coffee bar has been removed to prevent cross contamination.


Guest experience change list.

  • ALL clients and stylists will be required to wear a mask before entry, during your appointment and until you have exited the salon.

  • All stylists will now serve one client at a time from start (entry) to finish (exit) of their appointment. Extra guests will not be permitted, including children.

  • Clients will need to wait outside of our salon (in your vehicle if you prefer) until your stylist confirms that she is ready to permit your entry into the salon via text confirmation. This is important because stylists will be cleaning and sterilizing their equipment stations between clients and this process can take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Further, upon the conclusion of your appointment please be aware that we are unable to welcome our next appointment until you have exited the salon.

  • Prior to your entry we will perform a screening, including a no-touch temperature assessment and short questionnaire. If specific criteria are not met, entry will be denied and that client will be asked to reschedule their appointment.

  • If you feel ill or have any symptoms related to Covid-19 (fever, cough, chills, body aches, diminished sense of smell or taste, shortness of breath, etc.) or if you have been exposed to someone known to be Covid-19 positive, please cancel your appointment and reschedule only after you present no symptoms for at least 14 days.

  • During your appointment, we must ask that you remain in your stylist's chair unless you are moved to a shampoo bowl or dryer chair, or need to use the restroom, as this will help reduce cross contamination throughout the salon.


We will ask that you continue to respect the now commonplace safe-practice guidelines until this pandemic is brought under control and or an effective Covid-19 vaccine has been developed and readily disseminated to the public.

  • We will do our best to consistently provide hand sanitizer (depending on availability) however, washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is your best option.

  • Stay at least 6 feet apart from other people whenever possible.

  • Even healthy people cough and sneeze from time to time. If or when you need to, please do so into your elbow to minimize exhalation transmissions.


Local, State or Federal government and or the Board of Cosmetology may mandate modified or further health and safety guidelines for our workplace. Please know that we will eagerly respect and implement them to the best of our abilities upon receiving those directives. Being health conscience and acting accordingly to help minimize transmission of infectious diseases has always been an important part of our industry standards.


We are not only dependent upon your business, but also upon your adherence and support of these safe health practices. Thank you in advance for helping us keep you safe and beautiful!


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Although these are our general hours of operation, it is not unusual that we will arrive or leave earlier or later than our posted hours. These fluctuations are generally attributable to increased demand or unforeseeable cancelations. We welcome the opportunity to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

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